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Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People

55. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

If you feel that you are lacking in the success department, the problem might not be your success but how you are going about measuring that success. I find that the problem lies when you are comparing yourself to other people. Here’s a little secret that most of you already know: there is always going to be somebody who has more stuff than you. If you are always trying to keep up with the Joneses, sometimes you miss the great things you have accomplished that are all around you. When we use others as our benchmark, we set ourselves up for failure.

There is another problem; the other people who you believe are successful may be having many challenges of their own. So what you might be comparing yourself to may not be as great as it seems. We discussed earlier that happiness comes from the inside and not the outside. So why would we use external measures to determine how successful we are? We know we are hitting new levels of success when we like what we see in the mirror. As we check our blueprint every 21 days, we will be comparing ourselves to ourselves. When we are hitting the marks we have entered in our S.A.N.E. section, we know we are winning.

If we compare our wins to the wins of others, we can always find someone who can top our achievement. The nicest thing about using this Tool is when you use it, you find that you are much happier and aware of the things you do have. If you’re patient, you will often later discover that the person you wish you were more like actually isn’t as appealing anymore. If you stop comparing yourself to other people, you will become so successful in life that the person people will be wishing they were more like is you.

The Best Investment You Will Ever Make Is In Your Mind

46. The best investment you will ever make is in your mind.

I find it very interesting that I listed these Tools in no particular order, but sometimes the timing of the order works out as if I had planned it. We were just talking about taking notes at seminars and the like, and how it would improve our lives if we did so. Well, you can’t have a short pencil if you have no notes to take. That is why Tool 46 is here to remind us that we must invest in our minds to get the most out of life. What exactly do we mean when we say invest in our minds?

Investing in your mind is not expensive. There are lots of ways you can invest in your mind. Seminars are the most obvious. They give you much information about improving your headspace and allow you to select from speakers you most closely identify with. The advantageous thing about this is that when attending the “headspace” events, you are surrounded with other growth oriented people. Remember Tool 27? I can’t think of a better way to increase business or personal success than by being around people who want the same thing. To take it up a notch, retreats offer great information and are often needed because they cut you off from your regular day-to-day world and cut down on distractions. But mind investments can be simple. Books, CDs and videos are all investments that are easy and inexpensive. Lastly, investments in your mind can also help you abstain from the pitfalls that cause your brain to shrink, and we all know what these things are.

When you start to invest in your mind, eventually it will start to pay dividends. Meaning that as you improve your headspace, the world around you becomes more manageable and things will start to happen for you like never before. The world around you is nothing more than a reflection of what is going on inside of you. When you’re a mess inside, more often than not your life on the outside is, too. Another benefit about expanding your mind is that as challenges occur (and they always do), they will not seem as overwhelming. If you put a marble inside a tennis ball, it takes up a good amount of space. If you put a marble inside a gymnasium, you would barely know it was there. So start to invest in your mind so you can reap the benefits of that investment.

Learn A New Definition Each Day

78. Learn a new definition each day.

By now you have hopefully begun to understand the power of words. The words we choose to put in our head and the ones we use to describe ourselves are the foundation for how we traverse the challenges in life. If we hope to increase the power of the words we choose to describe ourselves and increase our probability to reach new levels, we must increase the number of words that we understand. To expand the ability of our own personal computer known as our brain, we must provide it with the ability to do so. This comes from increasing our vocabulary to give ourselves more power for success.

There are many ways to achieve this Tool. The simplest is to look up a new word in the dictionary each day. The key to doing this is just like this book’s system; do it daily and consistently. Maybe you do it in the morning as you sit down to breakfast. If you have a family, you can do it at dinner so everyone learns the new definition. You may even let a different family member pick the word that night. I know there are also desk calendars that have a new definition each day. How you do it doesn’t matter as much as doing it and doing it in a format that will be consistent.

Successful people choose their words carefully. But to have words to choose means you need to increase your ability to do so. This daily ritual can go a long way in many areas in which you are trying to achieve success. In your work and school environments the benefit is obvious. Expanding your vocabulary increases your ability to communicate; a crucial component to success in work and scholastics. It also enhances your ability to increase awareness in the world around you.

Understanding more clearly things that you may read or hear will increase your ability to take more away from those particular interactions. Lastly, we want to know how best to describe ourselves now and who we want to be. Our mission statement provides that foundation. The better words we can choose to fortify that statement provides us with the ability to build a stronger foundation, thus allowing us to build bigger and better projects for our life.