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Five Percent Of The Population Will Disagree With You No Matter What

73. Five percent of the population will disagree with you no matter what.

It has somehow been determined that 5% of people will choose the opposite of anything you say, any stance you take, and anything you believe in. They say black, you say white; or even worse, when you say white, they say “it’s really off white, pearl or beige.” Anyway, you get the picture. So when you encounter these people, you have only two choices, sit there for hours trying to convince them of something you never will or spend your time elsewhere. Think about how great this Tool is. When you stumble upon these people, rejoice that you know how to deal with them and that is by not dealing with them at all.

Remember you are now in the business of doing the best you can to improve your success and happiness. Knowing that this 5% exists, when you stumble upon this group of people, you can limit the amount of energy you spend on them. We want to use our energy on improving our own lives and helping those who are willing to be helped. Spending your time on a group of people who will disagree with you no matter what is a waste of energy. If you didn’t know that this group existed before, you might have made an extra effort in the past.

Now you know you bow out early and apply your efforts elsewhere. Do not get hung up on these people. It is our human nature to spend extra effort on this group because the belief is that with a little extra effort, we can prevail. Not true. We know this because if you were to switch to their way of thinking, then they’d simply change to another paradigm. Just think, you have cut your bottom line by 5% simply by eliminating the population that will inevitably choose the opposite of whatever you say, sell or believe.

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