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Keep In Touch

89. Keep in touch.

“It’s been too long” or “We need to do this more often.” One of the lamest things is losing touch with friends and family. The key to not losing touch is to make it automatic. Have a family reunion that is the same time every year. Have a dinner night with your dad that is automatic every week. Have lunch set with friends on Tuesdays every week.

One trick I like to do is to scroll through my phone list on my cell phone in the car (no accidents please, follow all local and state laws) and call friends and family members. Or have a time that you make a call to one old friend each week. The reason for this is obvious; if you don’t make it automatic, you end up saying things like “Where did the time go?” Also, these people can help and support you in achieving your goals. If you have negative friends who don’t support you, I suggest you lose them, but if you can’t, just don’t call them as much. This goes for family members too.

There are a few ways in which keeping in touch can assist you in having a successful life. For starters, we want to live our lives with no regrets and with the feeling that we have built something and left a legacy. A common regret that many people have near the end of their lives is that they had spent more time with family and friends. A way to help achieve this is to at least keep in touch with them.

Another way that this Tool can assist you in reaching your goals is that by keeping avenues open, you have more outlets available for opportunities to arise. In addition, friends and family may notice a change in your new approach and attitude in life. This will also help with reaching goals because others will be more likely to help you along the way. Warning, there may be some, on the other hand, who try to stall your growth or are jealous of your new found vigor. Be aware you may need to distance yourself from these people because we are going to limit contact with people who sabotage our path.

Lastly, and most importantly, it just feels good to keep in touch and when you have more things in life that keep a smile on your face, it can only help the overall scheme of things. Now put the book down and go call someone you’ve been meaning to talk to.

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