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Stop Stomping On Sandcastles

83. Stop stomping on sandcastles.

We all remember back in the day playing at the park in the sandbox. After taking some time and a little effort we had constructed a beautiful sandcastle that we were excited for all to see. Most of our classmates congratulated us on our achievements and encouraged us to keep building. But there was always that one kid who shortly after sharing your new creation found the need to go Godzilla on your sand sculpture and stomp all over it causing it to come crashing down. I always remember thinking as that kid walked away with a smile, why would someone do that to someone else? Nothing hinders personal growth as much as hindering other people’s growth.

Sometimes when we aren’t in a very good place in our lives, the only way we think we can make ourselves feel better is to bring others down to our level. If we are having trouble reaching success, we find it necessary to criticize the success of others. It is a defense mechanism we use to explain why we avoid trying to build our lives. For example, if you were to get a new car that you were proud of and your friend found the need to tell you all the problems and costs associated with that car, it is their way of avoiding striving for success. Simply put, they associate success with additional problems and responsibilities. It is just easier to find a way to bring others down than try to reach success of their own.

By starting the process of being happy for others and the things that they achieve, you will begin to associate success with good feelings and relinquish the bad thoughts you have trained yourself to feel. We have just discussed the benefit of forming a Master Mind group which benefits us by teaming up with others to reach new levels. By congratulating others and showing true excitement for their achievements, they are much more likely to include you in future endeavors. They may also share with you some of the secrets they have learned that have helped them along the way. One thing is for sure, if you are in the habit of stomping on people’s sandcastles, at some point they just won’t show you them anymore.

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