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The Will To Win Is Nothing Compared To The Will To Prepare To Win

101. The will to win is nothing compared to the will to prepare to win.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Oh what, you truly believe that some people are lucky and some aren’t? Even though statistics can’t prove everything, people will reference them to explain how luck exists. The truth is most people who are lucky set themselves up to be lucky. Translated, most people who get good fortune set themselves up to win. The two principles involved here are that “lucky” people don’t always advertise the Tools they use to get lucky.

Second, the people who aren’t “lucky” don’t do what lucky people are doing. Also, they affirm what they are not doing by cursing the “lucky” guy or gal. Just by the simple fact that you acknowledge people are lucky or not adds strength to the premise that the universe favors some over others. So with that said, what is more likely? Some people are just RANDOMLY lucky, or the people who put in the necessary work are more likely to be lucky? While random luck happens once or twice, someone who is lucky is doing something that allows that to happen more frequently. At least concede to me you have a better chance of getting in the show if you try to buy a ticket. Meaning, you have a better chance for luck with some preparation.

Successful people for the most part simply work smarter and harder than those who don’t. Harder in my opinion means working on it every day. Smarter only means you have a system in place that will increase the likelihood of success. So what this all means is preparing to win must be done daily and systematically. All the components in your blueprint comprise those aspects made in this statement.

I will give you a classic example. It is common knowledge that Jerry Rice is the greatest football receiver of all time. It can be well argued that he may have been the best player in the history of football. His talent was so acknowledged to be the best by miles over his closest rivals, it is well accepted his will to win would have been enough to make him the best. The interesting thing about Jerry Rice is that it is also well accepted that he trained off the field harder than maybe anyone in the history of football. His will to prepare was almost greater than his will to win.

Time and time again I see people who think they can just turn it on when needed. This is not what the most successful people do. If you want a successful life, defined by what success means to you, it is a daily ritual of habits and attitudes that must be applied daily. If you want it bad enough, you have to be willing to put in more work when people aren’t watching than when people are. This is the mark of a true champion. Jerry Rice did 99% of his best work when no one was even in the stands.

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