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You’ll Always Remember What Came Hard And Mostly Forget What Came Easy

97. You’ll always remember what came hard and mostly forget what came easy.

As I arrive at this point of the book, I have begun to realize that there is a risk I am taking. Meaning, as I try to provide Tools that I believe are necessary to help you reach your goals, I may ruffle some feathers along the way. The dilemma of sounding like Mr. Perfect and a know-it-all can really turn people off. Let me reassure you, I am working on myself as much as you are trying to do. The reason I found it necessary to explain myself is because most of those falling short of goals do so because they seem too hard to reach. I believe this is a great starter Tool because if you use this to start any project, it will make you understand that building the life of your dreams is hard work.

You will understand that as you look at the life you have built, you will remember the most the areas that took the most effort. Understanding this crucial principle of building will hopefully motivate you to gravitate to the toughest of challenges and avoid the easiest of paths. It’s easy to keep this Tool short and sweet. I bet you can name three things right now that you had to work, claw and scratch for. It will take you time to remember the things that required little effort. There is a risk that comes with setting your goals too low, you just might hit them.

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