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For Those Who Believe, No Proof Is Needed

53. For those who believe, no proof is needed and for those who don’t, no proof is enough.

If you decide to apply the principles presented to you in this book, I believe this is a Tool you will need to incorporate at sometime when using this system. This is an adaptation of a quote by Stuart Chase and it needs little explanation. We all know these people, no matter how many studies, how much information, or how many experts there are, they will never believe what you believe. The reason this is so crucial to understand is that you can waste valuable time and energy trying to convince someone of something that they will never understand. Taking time and energy trying to persuade someone of something they refuse to understand takes time away from reaching the levels we are setting to achieve.

You will run into many who say it doesn’t work. They will try to do their best to make you think that your beliefs are silly and a waste of time. Your focus needs to be on building your house, not trying to explain to others how you are building your house. The only proof you need is how your house is ultimately coming together. Your job is not to prove what you are building, but to stay true to what you are building. If you need assurance that you are on the right track, the people trying to stall your project will have nothing they are building.

The people who try to ruin your dreams should be thought of as a demolition crew waiting to demolish what you are trying to create. How else could you explain it? If you are trying to reach your dreams and goals, what kind of person would try to stall your blueprint for success? Constantly remind yourself that you are a hammer and that as a hammer, you are building but may miss your mark now and then. Take comfort in knowing that as a hammer you are building, and those who refuse to build their own lives can only feel good about their lack of progress by trying to sabotage yours. Your job as a hammer is to build and help others become hammers, but you never sidetrack your progress on those who refuse to accept your help.

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